5 Ways To Repair Your Garage Door

If your garage door has broken or become damaged, it could pose a significant security risk. Regardless of how the garage door became damaged, there are a number of ways you can rectify the problem before you enlist the services of a trained professional. In fact, fixing the garage door yourself could save you more money in the long run. Here are some tips on how to repair your garage door.

1. Identify the type of door that you have

Garage doors are manufactured in a wide range of different materials. For example, your door might be made from steel or wood, or have hinged panels that roll up and down. Identifying the type of garage door can make it easier to rectify any problems that you have.

2. Fix any broken hinges

Your door might not function correctly if hinges have been damaged or broken. However, these can easily be fixed or replaced. Using simple hand tools, you will be able to tighten any loose hinges yourself, without the need of a professional. Care must be taken to ensure that these hinges are fixed correctly to avoid doing further damage to the door.

3. Replace broken hinges

Alternatively, replace the hinges yourself. You might need to contact the manufacturer directly, or refer to the original instruction manual you received, to ensure that you purchase the correct replacements.

4. Check door springs

Your garage door might not be operating correctly because of the springs on the unit. Check to see whether these springs are in a good condition and find out if this is the cause of the problem. Remember – there are two types of garage door springs. Torsion springs are long mechanisms which are located across the front of the opening of the garage door. Extension springs are situated above the rails and can be found on both sides of the garage door.

5. Fix squeaky doors

If your door makes a squeaky noise every time it opens, you might presume that it has become damaged. However, using a lubricant can be a quick fix for these types of doors. Shop around for the right product, and refer to the instructions when trying to fix squeaky or stiff garage doors.